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A little before and after on Delia.
Alexis is going to be the coolest 3rd grader!!
A little before and after on Bridget...she’s ready for fall!!

Before and after balayage on Arielle...ready for fall!!
First time color for Katherine... she went big!
Sheila wanted to not “look so old”...put in some lowlights and spruced up her haircut. She LOVED it!
Major change for Kathleen today.
Freshened up Taylor’s ombré.
A little before and after on Morgan!!
New rules in place for when we open on Tuesday!! We are excited to announce our reopening date of Tuesday, May 26th. And as excited as we are to see you, we made a list of the added protocol and safety measures we will be taking, for your protection, and our staff as well.

Here is what to expect when coming to the salon:

We ask if you have a fever, cough, feel ill, or know that you have been exposed to the virus, please call and reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Check In: Our waiting room is closed until further notice. When you arrive, please call our front desk to let them know you are here. We will contact you when your stylist is ready to begin your service. Bring only essential items into the salon such as your phone and method of payment. Please leave large purses, backpacks, tote bags in the trunk of your car.

Arrive Solo: Only the person receiving a service will be allowed in the salon. If a healthcare aid needs to assist you into the salon, they may wait outside in the car until your service is completed. We will be happy to call them when your service is complete.

Upon Entry: We will have a sanitation station at our front door stocked with hand sanitizer for your use before and after you enter our salon.

Face Masks will be worn by everyone (both staff and clients) for the safety of all. For your appointment, a behind the ear mask works best. But we will work around those that tie in back the best we can. We understand there are opposing views to mask wearing. However, we will require them until further notice. If you forget to bring a mask, we will have disposable masks available for purchase for a dollar.

Waxing/Blowing Services: We will continue these services on a more limited basis. Please note, not all of our stylists feel comfortable performing these services. We are respecting their decision to modify/stop these services at this time. Other stylists will continue to offer blow dry services and waxing. If you have concerns about blow dry services being performed near you, please ask your stylist to move you to a different area of the salon. Or consider delaying your appointment to a time in the future when you may feel more comfortable.

Payment: We will be accepting all forms of payment, but prefer credit card or Apple pay to minimize cash transactions. There will be protective plexi-glass barriers at the front desk to protect both you and our team members. UV light sanitizers as well as disinfectant spray are used on keyboards, credit card machines and surfaces for extra protection.

Sanitation: All counter tops, stylist stations, styling chairs, shampoo chairs and other surfaces are sanitized between each guest. As always, each guest receives a clean cape and clean towels. We ask for minimal conversation at the shampoo lounge, please use this time to sit back and relax. Our self-styling bar will be closed until further notice.

Retail: Please limit the items you touch in the salon to items you select to purchase.

Magazines and newspapers have been removed from the salon. And beverage service is discontinued until further notice. (You’d have to take your mask off to drink, so for everyone’s safety, we want to eliminate those situations for now)

Social Distancing will be practiced away from your stylist’s chair. It is impossible to cut or color your hair from 6 feet away. However, keeping a distance from other guests at the front desk, and other areas of the salon will be implemented.

We are following these safety guidelines needed to open up and operate our business to order to protect you and our team.

Please note these guidelines are not final and may be edited as no one really knows how this virus will continue to spread.

Thank you for your time and cooperation with these new guidelines. We are excited to open and look forward to seeing you soon!


Laurence and Jan Seybold

And the entire Carenza Team
Carenza Color Cutting Experience Dear Carenza Clients,

As you may have heard, Safer At Home was struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We will look to the City of Brookfield/Waukesha County for guidance regarding exactly when and how we may legally open in our community.

Our goal was to be ready right after Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 26th, with limited availability to ensure the safety of our staff and you, our valued customers. As of right now, that date still stands. If we are able to open sooner, we will announce that date as soon as possible.

Please know, we are excited to see you again. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to build a beautiful new salon and to secure the proper PPE and necessary cleaning supplies to create a safe and sanitary environment.

We have been watching other states and salons reopen their businesses and learned best practices. We are in the process of implementing new protocols as recommended by the State of Wisconsin. A full list of what to expect will be released later this week.

We are working with our team to adjust schedules and add hours of operation to best serve you, while meeting any new requirements as to how many people may be in our business at one time.

We know your hair will need a little extra care, so we want you to be reassured that we will make an effort to consult with you regarding your greatest needs. And to work together with your stylist to find a time to get you in as soon as possible. Our phone lines will be back in operation by late Wednesday afternoon. You will be able to leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are able. You can also leave us an email at [email protected]

We will continue to update you as things progress. As always, thank you for your loyalty and patience as we sort through all these unexpected changes.
[05/05/20]   We were forced to close our doors.
Did you know a HUGE part of a cosmetology license is Safety and Sanitation?
That when I renew my license I have to retake a safety and sanitation course?
That I already use a fresh laundered cape and towel that was washed with bleach for Each guest in my chair.
Did you know that my chair and station and tools are sanitized/disinfected between every client? That was already a rule for us!
The shampoo chair and sink is sanitized after each use.
That the state department of licensing already makes unannounced drop-ins to salons to see if we are complying? (If stylists are not complying there is a hefty fine.)

When we heard about Covid-19 coming to our area we took extra measures, such as no contact pay with card, pens used once and put in a sterilizer, took away magazines and the make-up counter, front desk, door handles and coffee bar sprayed with disinfectant often!
We now have masks for every person, plexiglass screens at front desk, UV wands, and more.
I suppose the biggest threat is what could be in the air but that threat exists in every store you walk into that has never been shut down, where hundreds of people go a day. Let me tell you I don't see them even disinfecting the credit card machine between each use!

I believe salons are possibly one of the safest places that could be open. I'm ready to get back to work but the government just isn't sure.
This is more than people just wanting a haircut or their roots colored, this is my livelihood! This is how I make a living! My entire career just taken from me in a snap of a finger.
I pray I'm back behind my chair very soon 💗

(Copied from my coworker Gina!)

5 1/2 hours later...Bridget is a blonde!!
Another change today!
More changes today!!
Angie was ready for a change for the new year!!
Audrey was ready for a little change!
Patti was ready for a change. We put in som lowlights and cut off about 4 inches!! I’d say she’s pretty happy.

Got to do some pinup hair today!!
Delia is ready for school!
Feeling a little violet today...

A little before and after on Bridget...
First time color for Megan!!!
Sammy wanted some blue hair...
William is a very particular client...he’s 11.
Getting these ladies ready for fall...a lovely chocolate brown and a beautiful merlot. These Haircuts Are About To Be Everywhere For Fall & They're The Opposite Of Long, Beachy Waves This summer, the short bob reigned supreme in terms of the coolest cuts. Chin-length chops were cropping up on everyone from celebs to influencers to the girl across the hall, and according to fall 2018 haircut trends, they're not going anywhere.…

A new look for the new school year!!
Got to have a little fun with Jaxson and Zane today. Mom gave them a reward for excellent report cards!!👍🏻👌🏻

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