Improve your selfie at Trendz LLC & Co.

111, Racine, WI, 53403

Improve your selfie at Trendz LLC & Co.


Racine, WI, 53403

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[12/28/19]   I wanted to wish a Very Happy New Year to you all. I miss you all terribly. The memories we created will stay in my heart forever. Feel free to update me on anything you'd like to share with me. Love you all 💜🦰🦱🦳
[03/06/19]   Even though Trendz Llc is closed, the memories still live so strong in my heart. The laughter, the magical transformations, the beauty, the fun, the tears, the happy dances, the new pets, the jobs, the signficant others, the gory details, the secrets that will be buried with me, (I'll need a double wide casket for those), the vacations, the weddings, (even the divorces), the new births, unfortunately the losses of loved ones, Lord knows the food, and all the incredible changes we went through together including MANY HAIR COLORS!!!! If you have a newer memory you would share with me, please keep the 28 years of love I shared with you going. I would love to see your NEWEST ANYTHIING that I've missed out on. I love and miss you all so much. I't would mean so much to have you keep me updated. I know it's not the same, but it would be a great gift to stay connected. I've missed so much. Love you all!!!💜✂️🥰
[02/12/18]   Well today Trendz in Glendale officially closed its door. Even though it hasn't been used, its still a legal licenced establishment. As I finish packing it all up, it became real. Trendz is no longer, but forever will live in a very special place in my heart. I love and miss you all so deeply. I can only hope that you all have at least one significant moment that stands out in your head that you experienced at Trendz. I have thousands. Thank you for your loyalty , support, love, and most amazing memories I could dream of. If you care to share a memory it would be an everlasting gift you could give to me.
[03/05/17]   There isn't a day I don't miss my job, my family, our laughs, our conversations, our secrets and our tears. I think of you all and love you all so much.
[08/18/16]   Ohk my Trendz peeps. I'm missing work terribly. Is it too much to ask you to share your best our favorite memory at Trendz with me??? I really miss everyone and I have a long way to go.. PLEASE!!!!
[08/05/16]   Please like my page!! :-)! If you would PLEASE be so kind to write about your experience at Trendz.... I would REALLY appreciate.
[03/30/16]   After 21 years in business with the same phone number, I officially have a new number. To reach Lori....please note call 262-345-2799 thank you!!!!

Improve your selfie at Trendz LLC & Co.

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