Turn Back Time Laser Medi Spa

4060 N Main St, Racine, WI, 53402

Turn Back Time Laser Medi Spa

4060 N Main St

Racine, WI, 53402

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[03/18/17]   I want to let all of my extended family know that we are no longer at the spa.. daves cancer has made it hard to leave the house his health has gotten worse.. we are planning on moving to Florida in the next few months to give Dave a better quality of life.. we want to thank you all for the wonderful years we have shared together..
[10/15/16]   Good morning my Turn Back Time Family!!! I want to thank all of you for all the years you've been with us, this is a bittersweet but.... It's time to for me to RETIRE!!! I've owned The spa Sept 3rd was 8 years not counting the years before we bought the spa. It has taken a toll on me. Dave and myself have had overcome so many things in the last 3 years with Dave having Cancer it's hard to be at the spa while Dave is home alone.. So we need to do what works for us. Dave is getting to the point he needs someone home with him in case he falls or just needs me. SO THATS WHY WE WILL HAVE A RETIREMENT PARTY SATURDAY THE 22nd @ 1 til 4 we hope you can stop in and enjoy the fun.. We will have some finger foods and drinks!! We really hope you will stop in
[09/13/16]   Good morning to all my Turn Back Time family.... We are running special packages prices and you can pay per treatment instead of only getting a discount on packages... Now the kids are back to school it's time to take some time for yourself.. Let us make you look and feel beautiful inside and on the outside....
[03/30/16]   Good morning to all... Are you bikini ready?? Before we know it summer will be here. Put a end to shaving everyday with our soprano (shr) or do you need to be tightened up or non surgical face lift?? Let us help you TURN BACK TIME AND FEEL GOOD. Call for consultation and let's get started
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Turn Back Time Laser Medi Spa

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Turn Back Time Laser Medi Spa

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