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[10/21/20]   9209881134 call to make your appointment today. I only have 1 haircut scheduled again today. Please don't forget to support your local businesses & friends. This covid struggle is real
My smiling granddaughter with her Grammy 🥰
Have you ever wondered where the history of the barber pole came from? Let Uppercut Deluxe take you on a journey back to when it all began, when being a barber wasn't quite as straight forward as it is today. A universally recognised symbol of barbering, the origins of the barber pole can be traced back to the Middle Ages.
Hundreds of years ago, barbers didn’t just cut hair and trim beards; they also worked as dentists and surgeons, providing their services to poorer people who couldn’t afford to see a physician. If you were unlucky enough to get a sore tooth or some kind of illness in those days, a barber was often the only option for treatment. Medical care was fairly primitive back then, and even simple procedures were risky. Working as a barber must have been an interesting job, to say the least.

A more traditional Barber Pole
The red and white stripes of the barber pole originated from a practice known as bloodletting. One of the nastier aspects of barber history, this practice involved drawing blood from the patient, in an attempt to cure them of disease or infection. Thanks to the progression of modern medicine, we now know that draining blood from a sick person probably wasn’t the best idea. However, this method was used to treat everything from common colds to deadly diseases back in the Middle Ages.
The bloody bandages associated with bloodletting inspired the red and white stripes, while the barber pole itself symbolises an instrument people gripped onto during the procedure to encourage blood flow.
Barbers would place the barber pole outside their barbershop, to let customers know they were open for business. Many modern barber poles have a blue stripe, which some historical sources cite as a tribute to the colours of the America flag. In Europe, the blue stripe was meant to differentiate barbers from doctors, as the two professions gradually began to grow apart. Men’s hairstyling has come a long way since the Middle Ages, but the barber pole still perseveres an iconic representation of the trade.
[09/30/20]   Have no appointments scheduled today before 2. Wide open & getting bored 9209881134

[09/07/20]   Does anyone need their hair done? The Barber Shop is open today 🙂
[08/05/20]   Everyone in the world needed a haircut when the shops were able to open back up. Thank you to all that were able to get in with me. Now the Barber Shop is dead with no appointments or walkins. If you need a haircut please call or walkin...thank you.

[06/27/20]   Got all caught up with haircuts from being closed. Now just waiting for the normal calls & walkins 🙂
[05/15/20]   UPDATE: Barber Shop Plus open date is planned for May 26th Thank you for your continued support.😊🥰 Due to overwhelming needs for haircuts I will call people back on my list. If I have left anyone out please don't hesitate to call. Leave me a message or text with your Name & Number. 920-988-1134 Thank you so much. I'm hoping to try to make this as smooth as possible. Haircuts will be addressed before any chemical service. Please be patient & understanding & safe. I will be complying with all sanitation requirements to try to keep myself & you as safe as I can & hope you do the same. I will not require any waivers to be signed...All liability is waved against Barber Shop Plus when you enter...If your sick please stay home! . A lot of my customers don't have the internet so please kindly spread the word. Sign the Petition Save Our Salons! Covid-19 Beauty Industry Economic Hardship Newsletter – Village of Reeseville Newsletter Show Entries Reeseville Review - Recent Editions April 2020 March 2020 February 2020 January 2020 December 2019 November 2019 Fill out form.
[03/20/20]   The Barber Shop Plus is closed.
Be safe stay home if you can. I do have gift certificates available to sell if you Call. 9209881134. Thank you & god bless🙏
Wisconsin Genealogy Vagabonds Thanks to Jeanette Friese Zache for sharing her articles and photos with us! They are wonderful!
Little bit of history info for your day
[01/23/20]   I post my hours on my door. If I'm not there please call....9209881134 & leave your name & number. Thank you.... 😊✔💈✂️
Ultimate DIY Hmmm should I offer customers a face wax lol She told him it was a face mask but it was wax! 😱😂

Team Balmert
[11/13/19]   I post my hours on my door. If I'm not there please do call....9209881134 & leave your name & number. Thank you....Gift suggestions? I have gift certificates 😊✔💈
Thank you for your service

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Thank you Howard for all your storys 👏
This Blew My Mind What a great tribute to Farmers, be sure to pass it on if you're grateful for our farmers!
Fun! Not just for the little ones 😊💯👍
Head Kandy Yep I can fix it
[07/16/19]   Keep cool. Get a haircut 😊
[07/12/19]   I post my hours on my door. If I'm not there please do call....9209881134 & leave your name & number. Thank you....Gift suggestions? I have gift certificates 😊✔💈
[02/14/19]   ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥♥♥♥♥***♥♥♥♥♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´
♥«´¨`•°..Happy Valentines Day..°•´¨`»♥

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